Vision Fitness Elliptical – A Size & Price to Fit Everyone


If you are looking to buy a fitness elliptical machine and you have limited money or space, then you are going to want to read about the Vision Fitness Elliptical machine.
In the next few paragraphs, we are going to look at three models of ellipticals and 3 types of consoles that give you an amazing amount of flexibility. Vision Fitness Ellipticals come in three types of frames: traditional, folding, and compact. With each of these frames, you can choose either a premier, deluxe, or simple console. After you read about each of these choices you will be ready to decide which model is best for you.

The Vision Fitness Elliptical model X6000 uses the traditional frame and is 79 inches long, 27 inches wide, and 69 inches high. It features a 19.75 inch stride, oversized footpads, and ergonomic handles. Vision Fitness offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and magnetic brake, and a 3 year  warranty on electronics and part.

If your space is limited, the next two models might be right for you.

The Vision Fitness Elliptical model X1500 uses the compact frame and is only 57 inches long, 26 inches wide, and 67 inches high. The stride is a bit shorter too, at only 18 inches. It features standard footpads and ergonomic  handlebars. It also has a lifetime warranty on the frame and magnetic brake, but a shorter 2  year warranty on electronics and parts.

The Vision Fitness Elliptical model X6200 is the top of the line, and is built on their folding frame. The pedal arms fold so that the machine can be stored in much less space, with folded dimensions of only 42 inches long, 27 inches wide, and 69 inches high. Unfolded the dimensions are exactly the same as the tradition frame, and the stride is the same at 19.75 inches. This model features variable-durometer cushioned footpads and multi-position handgrips. There is a lifetime warranty for the frame and magnetic brake, and a 3 year warranty on electronics and parts.

Now let’s look at the choices of consoles.

With each of these frames you have three choices for a console: simple, deluxe, or premier.

The simple console has an LCD display and features 16 program levels. It will give you feedback on watts, distance, time, heart rate, calories, and RPM. It has an integrated reading rack.

The deluxe console has all of the features of the simple console, plus 4 extra program levels. Additionally, it will give you feedback on speed, resistance, METs, and percentage of target heart rate. In addition to the reading rack it also has an integrated MP3 holder and a backlit LCD display.

If you want the best, then the premier console is the choice for you. In addition to the capabilities of the deluxe console, the premier will also give you 5 custom user programs, 3 HRT programs, and 3 goal programs. It also features the ability to measure your heart rate either through contact or with a telemetric heart rate chest strap.

Vision Fitness Ellipticals offer a lot of flexibility in terms of size and features. With 3 types of frames and 3 levels of consoles just about everyone will be able to find the right equipment for any situation. Now you are armed with the information you need to be an educated consumer when you buy your next elliptical machine.

4 Excellent Advantages to Using a Belt Sander

What is a Belt Sander? A belt sander is a device that you can plug into an electrical outlet and utilizes a belt to smoothen materials such as plastic, metal or wood. Currently, belt sanders have evolved to be either made portable or stationary. It is made up of a powerful motor, a couple of drums that roll the sandpaper belt out. When compared to its closest competition, the disk sander, the best belt sander can smoothen a long edge over its more traditional competitor. You can work the full width, and they are easier to change than disks. Here are 4 more advantages in using a belt sander:

1. More Versatile

The two kinds of a belt sander mentioned earlier are stationary and handheld, and both can shine in different sanding situations. Stationary sanders are usually mounted on work benches, hence the other term “bench sanders”. This type can be made to sand materials that can be worked on very closely against the sander. Handheld sanders make the most of their mobility to sand non-movable objects, such as floors. There are also a few kinds of belt sanders with options for a specific kind of sanding job. Choose a fine grit sandpaper for a fine finish, while a coarse overall operation might require a coarse sandpaper. The sander’s power level can also be adjusted accordingly, and wide belts can make short work of rough sanding large areas.

2. Easier to Use

Novices can be trained to use the belt sander and provide a quick finish to the target material. The best belt sanders can provide excellent shape and a fantastic, smooth surface with little effort. In order to properly handle a belt sander, it is imperative to wield it straight and avoid tilts as much as you can. Use minimal pressure, since these devices are very powerful and it is important that the user should maintain control at all times. Expert carpenters swear by belt sanders because they can accomplish seemingly difficult sanding tasks with ease using this powerful and versatile device.

3. More Powerful

Belt sanders are among the most powerful sanding devices, and they are able to remove or clear a significant amount of material in a very short time. People normally use a belt sander during the first sanding stages where there is a needs to shave away and smoothen a large amount of rough materials in a very short time period. Its power can be used even in the removal of any unwanted residue on surfaces. For example, if there is paint on a surface that you would like to remove, a belt sander can be used to uniformly remove it, and evens maintains the surface finish of the material.

4. Perfect for Scribing

The more discerning craftsman knows how the best belt sander can be used for scribing purposes. Users can gradually put up a sneak on the curved line for a great fit. It is best to put the material on top of a laminate countertop, and the direction and operation of the belt sander should be pushing the laminate down at a slight pressure. These devices can trim a scribe line accurately, can level surfaces most suitably (such as sanding a replacement board for hardwood flooring), or they can be used freehand in shaping and rounding various materials.

Belt Sanders Versus Disc Sanders

A typical handheld belt sander uses 3 to 4-inch wide belts that are about 18 to 24 inches length-wise. Some smaller belt sanders use 2 to 2 1/2 inch belts that are about 14 to 16 inches length-wise. Common belts are made of aluminum oxide with grits ranging from 40 (which is very coarse) up to 220 (the very fine ones). Belt sanders are also great when it comes to equipment longevity and value for money. They cost a little more than sanding discs on a random disc sander, but the belts are made thicker and therefore, will last longer. A random orbital sander uses “discs” that are connected to a hook and loop system or via adhesive, and come in 5 to 6 inch varieties with different grit types, from 60 to 220. Disc-type sanders are a bit more hands-on, because the discs require a lot more replacing than belts. The discs may be cheaper, but sometimes it is difficult to find a replacement disc, especially for off-brand models.

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Mattress for Side Sleepers


Kinds of Bed mattress

When you going to the marketplace, you will certainly find the spring bed mattress, latex bed mattress, and memory foam bed mattress. The very best mattress is the one that complies with your spinal column’s natural curve and disperses the pressure uniformly throughout your body. The concept that sleeping on a tough mattress supplies the very best sort of support for the spinal column has actually been shown inaccurate by research study. The mattress that you sleep on need to be not extremely hard, it must be medium-firm and comfy. One need to likewise prevent sleeping on really fluffy bed mattress. These appearance incredibly welcoming, these might not be able to support the body at its natural curves.

Foam Bed mattress for Side Sleepers

If you are a side sleeper, it would be great to buy a foam mattress. These are essentially classified into latex and memory foam bed mattress. Memory foam bed mattress are visco-elastic in nature. These are made from polyurethane that comply with the body’s shapes and offer great support. Latex bed mattress are made from natural latex drawn out from the tropical rubber tree. These provide convenience and support to those who sleep on their sides. A foam mattress that has additional cushioning will definitely work well for side sleepers.

Additional cushioning is necessary for side sleepers, as a great deal of pressure is applied on the shoulder and hips while sleeping on the sides. As a search result of the pressure that is put in due to the weight on these smaller sized locations, agonizing pressure points are produced and the blood circulation gets negatively influenced. As an outcome, the individual may toss and turn in his/her sleep. It is necessary to sleep on a mattress that has encouraging density along with additional cushioning. Lots of people impacted by uncomfortable pressure points have actually discovered relief after making use of high quality latex bed mattress with a base layer of company density that is topped with 2 layers of natural latex that supply the additional cushioning.

If you are a stomach or a back sleeper, you have to look into the firmer bed mattress. A medium-firm mattress disperses the pressure uniformly throughout your body and helps with the correct positioning of the spinal column. Such bed mattress work well for those who sleep on their stomach or back. Individuals impacted by pain in the back can likewise go with the specialized orthopedic bed mattress.

If you have actually just recently acquired a mattress, you can even make use of a memory foam or latex mattress topper for the additional cushioning. See to it that you do a little research study to obtain a concept about the very best brands. When you going to the marketplace, do not feel shy in taking a look at the mattress by resting on it in various positions. This is the very best method to evaluate whether the mattress would supply convenience and support for your body.

If you are a side sleeper, do consider the previously mentioned elements while buying a mattress. Search for the brands that have actually gotten great evaluations.
When you head out to the market, you will certainly come throughout the spring bed mattress, latex bed mattress, and memory foam bed mattress. The idea that sleeping on a difficult mattress offers the finest kind of support for the spinal column has actually been shown inaccurate by research study. If you are a side sleeper, it would be very well to acquire a foam mattress. A foam mattress that has additional cushioning will definitely work well for side sleepers.

If you have actually just recently bought a mattress, you can even make use of a memory foam or latex mattress topper for the additional cushioning.

How to get a best food dehydrator

All dehydrators are made to remove moisture from food. It is considered the best way of preserving food examples being meat, fruits and Vegetables. Either dried Apricots or beef jerky, many of us have enjoyed dehydrated foods either knowingly or unknowingly. The well-known modern food dehydrators are either metal boxes or plastics that can dry foods in generally of the Order of 50-90% of the food weight. Even though it’s not imaginable to consider food dehydrators as a viable kitchen equipment, with reasons being our parents, friends or even the past generation did not use it. Time goes on changing, and with insufficient storage space together with the increasing consumption, food dehydrators are becoming more popular and essential. We are hereby going to make your life more better easier and tastier by explaining to you the essentialist of having a good dehydrator and even make it easier by telling you how to get one here Most of the times food dehydrators are usually categorized in two main types:

food dehydrator

1.The Stacked food dehydrator

This is a product that is usually made up of racks, Each Stack comprises of a tray for holding the food and the vents on the circumference and when the Stacks are placed on each other they can be sealed to avoid the loses of heat during the possess of dehydration in the instrument. The air circulates in a vertical direction through the fan which is usually place at the bottom of the dehydrator.


-Variable sizes according to volume of food

-Not large footprints


-Heating food in a closed element maker it dry faster and the periodic shuffling of the racks is mandatory.

2.The Shelf and box dehydrators

It’s made of a box which his also Known as an Outer shell and the shelves also known as outer trays. These dehydrators also works the same way as electric ovens. The trays are inserted in a predetermined fashion and the fan at the back of the box blows air through the food in the dehydrator perpendicularly on every tray.


-Evenly distribution of heat on each tray

-Better insulation.


Occupies the same space regardless of the amount of food it’s also bulky. There are things to consider while doing the food dehydrator reviews despite the above positives about the instrument. There is a wide range of functions and shapes that food dehydration machines comes in. We will list down some of them which will assist you in selecting which one in your reviews suit your preference.


ls your counter top small, Or the space is enough to fit an oven If so chose the stack able counter top model As the footprint is minimal it also comprises of 13-20 racks which can be placed on each other to sum up vertically as your food needs increases. But if you have enough space then there is the need to read the boxes food dehydrator reviews.


There are models which have fans example being the Stack able model. The fans either at the top or bottom are made for an uneven heating when the racks level exceed 10-12 Thus calling for the need of rotating racks regularly to avoid over drying of food


For drying large food, you can remove the racks in the Boxes to create space for your large pieces and with no worries the food in the dehydrator will be dried evenly as that will not affect the performance of the dehydrator. For the stack able models this is not possible because it has been designed for the racks to fit closely on one another.


No matter what material is used in the making, food dehydrators made of plastics must have FDA this is a certified grade of plastic with no BFA. It should also pas a test where by no plastic fumes are expected at a high temperature. Similarly the metal should also pass the test of FDA. Despite the quality if you intend to run the plastic in a long period at a stretch the quality is likely to degrade quickly compared to that of metal thus the latter is considered the opinion in such circumstances.


If you are of a tight budget it is advisable to go for a stack able dehydrator but you can contact us and get the best advice on either a box or tray dehydrators feel free to follow the link to the food dehydrators review and select your preference.

In which situations a memory foam mattress topper can be very handy?

A mattress topper is one in a million things when it comes to comfort and making your bedding system a perfect one. Any one of the reliable and authentic memory foam mattress topper reviews can tell about the effectiveness and usability of such mattress toppers. For the majority of the people, it is very safe to think that if they are looking for the best mattress topper then most probably, they are looking for a memory foam mattress topper. It is quite a brilliant solution for all the comfort seekers and there is rarely any significant complaint seen or heard against the memory foam type mattress topper.

The situations in which a memory foam mattress topper can be very handy

Mattress topper reviews

You really wouldn’t be able to spend lavishly all the time on the memory foam mattress. They can be expensive and sometimes the best ones for a King Size bed can cost you nearly a $1000. A cheap way of getting the memory foam mattress type of a feeling is to buy such a mattress topper. There are a lot other benefits than this, but the money saving benefit is one of the top ones. You can get one of the best ones for a budget around $50 or so. The following points will detail all the situations in which a memory foam type of mattress topper can be very useful:

  • You are in possession of a bed which is good, but a bit too firm than your liking. A memory foam topper and mattress for side sleeper will soften that up for you with a great level of comfort.
  • You are using a hideaway sofa cum bed, but the system has some really troublesome bars that hurt your back and the overall body. Slapping your sofa bed with a good quality topper would ease your tension.
  • You are in desperate need for a supplementary bed to offer your guests. As long as the guests are young or children, then having a mattress topper of memory foam type works great in all such situations. The older folks will only have a problem to get off with ease from the floor. If they can manage this then the topper on the floor could also be a great option for them.
  • If you have an RV or a camper then using a memory foam topper could make that very cozy and comfortable for sleeping. Toppers generally are considered very safe and comfortable for camping purposes.
  • You can choose to have a memory foam topper to spruce up the mattress in your dorm room which will give you the comfort of a memory foam mattress.
  • You have the option of carrying it along with you on the road trips while traveling and can also use it for installing it over the mattress of your hotel bed.

All you have to find is a best mattress topper for you and it would let you enjoy all its benefits for a considerable period of time. More helpful informations here : or

How to install the primary sump pump


A sump pump is a great source for eliminating any basement water flooding. If you are troubled with some regular basement flooding issues, then a sump pump can be a great solution. The best sump pump will keep your home safe from flooding even when you are away from the house or you are troubled with some extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall or snow.

Getting Started

There are a few important things to keep in mind before you can get going with the basics. You must first determine the needs by estimating the amount of rainfall that you receive. Always be sure that the gutter or your drainage system is free from clogging. You must look for the presence of a gravel foundation in your basement. The most optimized location in the basement should be selected for making the installment. Once the place is determined, then you can dig the concrete floor for making a sump pit. A jackhammer, drilling machine or a sledgehammer could be used for doing the needful.

Install sump pump

Installing your primary sump pump in the basement

The following steps are required for the proper and hassle free installation of your primary sump pump in the basement of your house:

  • The homeowners must take the PVC piping for assuming through the outlet of the sump pump that runs through the rim joist of your house.
  • For starting the actual installation of the device, you need to place the equipment in the pit of the liner. Then the final part of the pipe should be attached and the device should be plugged in.
  • In the next step, you must look to determine the float position. This thing varies with different types of equipment. But, for all of the devices, you must ensure that the float switch is totally unobstructed. It is important to make it work freely in order to determine the level of water in the sump pit.
  • The check valve must be installed. It is important equipment which serves the purpose of expelling the residue water which is left remaining in the pipe once the system is turned off. Draining this out is important for ensuring no motor burn and also to avoid a never ending on/ off system cycle.
  • Finally, you just need to plug in the system. The first thing to do after plugging in is to check the equipment in terms of its performance and functions. You can do so by throwing in a bucket of water and see how it performs.

Mistakes to avoid in installation

The following are the mistakes which you must avoid while making the installation of your sump pump:

  • Never overlook the importance of a secondary or a battery backup system. It will serve you well in the time of power outage.
  • Never, forget to test your system periodically for its performance.
  • You must not overlook the issue that a bad discharge pipe could bring. Check for its condition and replace it when necessary.

Following these simple steps would definitely help you to install and get the sump pump to work quickly and easily.

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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Faucet ?

When choosing a kitchen faucet, it would be best to have the best, as it would aid as you execute the kitchen duties well. If you need to have a new faucet installed, ensure that you have chosen it well. The best way to determine the best faucet would be t take a look at the features. Some of them will include the size of the arc, single and two-hand faucets amongst other features. Here are the factors o consider to buy the best kitchen faucet.

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Faucet

Touch faucet

There are multiple types of kitchen faucets available for anyone making buying the faucets. The touch faucet is one type of kitchen faucet that is available for people with disability. It allows water flow once it has been touched by hand or arm. This kind of faucet does not have any hands to turn on or off. This kind of faucet will also be convenient if you have hands covered in dough, flour or oil. If you are busy in the kitchen with related tasks, you would consider the touch kitchen faucet reviews 2015.

High arc

The high arc kitchen faucets are the right faucets that will fit in a kitchen with big pots, or enjoy vegetables, and need to wash them off well. The right type of kitchen faucet to fit into such a kitchen would be the high arc faucets. They leave enough room beneath for washing off enough vegetables, and pots. There are multiple arcs that are designed differently for the high arc faucets. It is also important to consider having a deep sink, as the shallow sink may cause splashing.

Pull down and out faucets

Kitchen faucets make it easier to perform tasks like washing the sink, and various produce. The pull and down faucets will help in achieving more tasks easily. These kinds of kitchen faucets are very easy to work with, especially if you need to clean something in details. It is also easier to clean, as the water distribution will be made well. You will also enjoy having easy cleaning, as this type of faucet will be efficient to clean from all corners of the sink.

Two handle faucets

Having two choices would be the best factor to consider when you need to make choices over using cold or hot water. This will be determined by the two handles of the kitchen faucet you have chosen. This will allow you to have a cold and hot choice, according to your preparation and weather. This type of faucet may not be preferred by most people, as it does not have the look most people will be looking for.

Type of metal

Above all the features of the kitchen faucet reviews online that would be preferable to you, you will need to consider the metal, from which the kitchen faucet has been made from. The best thing to do is to get stainless steel this will ensure that the faucet will last for a long period of time. It I important noting that this might affect the price, thus if you need to get the best kitchen faucet consider wholesale prices.

Eliminate black molds with a best Dehumidifier

Black mold is a greenish black colored compound that is typically discovered in moist locations. It is a harmful product that can trigger significant illness. Molds are small organisms that are damaging for human health, as they produce harmful gas, called mycotoxins. Individuals who are currently clients of asthma are influenced more. Molds are discovered in virtually all the houses, and the primary technique to stop their development is to manage them. The locations where black molds are most typically discovered are restrooms, kitchen areas and leaked pipelines. It is a type of fungi that spreads out in the air. It is tough to find all the locations however the odor of mold will certainly assist you determine it.

The very best method to discover the molds is to drop a couple of drops of bleach on the surface area. If the surface area gets faded after a couple of minutes, it suggests that the location has black molds. If the location does not end up being faded, it suggests that it is simply dirt. It is necessary to obtain the mold got rid of prior to it can impact health of your household. The very best option is to go with mold removal. There are numerous mold elimination approaches that assist to stop the circulation of spores in the air so that they do not trigger breathing and allergy issues.

There are lots of people who make use of bleach to eliminate black molds present in their homes. The elimination of poisonous mold with the aid of bleach is not that easy. When bleach is combineded with bleach water, the bleach vaporizes leaving water. How can water get rid of black mold? Numerous reports and research studies have actually revealed that bleach is not adequate to get rid of molds entirely, due to the fact that it can likewise trigger damage to human health.

Some fast and healthy methods of eliminating molds need keeping the house aerated with a/c unit and exhaust fans. If you observe presence of wetness or a busted pipeline, get it taken care of as quickly as possible. It is required to let the sunshine get in into your restroom, kitchen areas and laundry, so that it can eliminate germs and wetness. Humidity level of your residence need to be more than it is outdoors. You can purchase a dehumidifier(recommended in to manage the humidity level of your home. You can manage the humidity level with the aid of humidistat. Finally, clean your restroom routinely and keep the drapes, floors, shower, tub and plumbing dry. These techniques can assist you manage molds and keep you healthy.

best dehumidifier for basement 2015

Black mold is a greenish black colored compound that is frequently discovered in moist locations. The locations where black molds are most typically discovered are restrooms, household kitchens and leaked pipelines. If the surface area gets faded after a couple of minutes, it suggests that the location has black molds. There are numerous individuals who utilize bleach to eliminate black molds present in their residences. How can water get rid of black mold?

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Food Vacuum sealer for Home Use



If you are looking to invest in a food vacuum sealer, there are several things that you will want to consider. Some might be rather obvious and some, well, not so much. Either way, they are factors that you need to bear in mind in order to purchase the best food vacuum sealer for your home use. The following tips will help you to make a decision and purchase a machine that will best suit your home needs.

Consider the size of your household

When you are looking to purchase a food vacuum sealer, you should consider the size of the kitchen that you own and the space available for its storage. Not only this, you should also have in mind the overall size of your family and the number of members that it has. If you have a large family, then a considerably large model would do you good. You should also ensure that the make and model that you choose will be able to withstand a considerable amount of wear and tear, given the fact that it will be handled by many people and used often to package large and bulky purchases for general storing.

Vacuum packed food can last for a very long time – longer than the common storage methods many employ in their homes. You can also portion the foods in sizes fitting the need of your family. In this way you get to save and still meet the dietary needs of your family. The small portions also make preparation of meals a walk in the park.

Frequency of use

When you are looking for a food sealer, you should take into consideration the frequency in which you will be using it. If you are planning to get it to meet your high demand of sealing food for use at a later date, then a model that has the ability and the strength to withstand constant use is best. Its design most often than not will give you a hint as to whether it is strong enough or not. You should however also do some research and read through some reviews written by consumers who have used different models before. Their input may just point you in the right direction. If you however do not have a lot of time to go deep into research, the best method to ensure that you get the best vacuum sealer is by ensuring that you do not purchase a cheap item. These tend to break down easily and fast after few uses.

Sous vide cooking or liquid rich foods

Sous vide cooking refers to the method is preparing food in a bag for a very long time. At times up to even 72 hours at low temperatures ensuing that the foods cooks well without overcooking. This allows for the food that you prepare to remain tender and juicy. It is the best method for meals that are primarily vegetables and meats.

There are specially designed sealing bags that are meant specifically for the sous vide cooking. As such, if this is your main reason for considering the purchase of a food vacuum sealer, then you should ensure that you pick one that is specifically designed and created for that purpose.


Making these considerations may seem like a waste of time at the moment, especially if you can’t wait to get your hands on one. But as they say, preparation time is never wasted time, purchasing the best food vacuum sealer will be your reward – the best reward at that.

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Clean-water acts: filter down bladder-cancer risk

Looking at the flood of water filters available, you have to wonder whether they’re worth the $20 to $1,500 price. For more reasons than taste, your body might think so. Some of these filters can remove compounds from the water that have been associated with bladder cancer.

While the number-one risk factor for bladder cancer is smoking, it’s not the only risk factor for that cancer. Looking at 321 bladder-cancer cases and 261 people with other cancers, researchers saw an association between that cancer and chlorinated drinking water. People who drank such water for more than 30 years (the average was 2 1/2 glasses per day) had nearly twice the risk of that cancer as people who drank water disinfected by other processes (worried about your water source, see reverse osmosis system reviews). In addition, the more water people drank and the more years they drank it, the higher the risk (American Journal of Epidemiology, October 1993).

Researchers aren’t sure what could be behind the chlorine connection, although they point out that chlorine can react with organic compounds in the water to create substances called trihalomethanes that have been found to be carcinogenic in animals. Sensitive to this issue, municipalities often use a combination of chlorine and ammonia (a process called chloramination) to reduce those potentially harmful by-products. People in the study who drank chloraminated water did not have an increased risk for this cancer.

Now, before you get worried about the water you’ve already been drinking, get the facts: First, bladder cancer is pretty rare – it occurs at a rate of 60 people per 100,000,and many of those cases may be hnked to smoking. Second, find out about your water supply at work and at home by calling someone at your public water system and asking what they use to disinfect the water.

“In many places, levels of trihalomethanes are so low that drinking other types of water isn’t necessary. But other systems have relatively high levels, and it might be worth drinking water from another source or using a filter,” says study leader Michael A. McGeehin, Ph.D., senior epidemiologist at the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry in Atlanta.

Activated carbon filters are the only type that filter out trihalomethanes. (By the way, they filter chlorine and lead, too.) For a list of filters certified to reduce these compounds, write to NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) International and ask for the information packet on water filters. The address is: P.O. Box 130140-PVN, Ann Arbor, MI 48113-0140 (information not available by phone).

If you’re worried about keeping up the protection when you’re away from home, you might find bottled waters worth the price. All of them are tested for trihalomethanes before they can be put on store shelves.

Reference: Clean Water Act